Soldier by Harlan Ellison


Soldier from Tomorrow by Harlan Ellison 1957 - A soldier from a distant future – conditioned, from birth, by the state to be an assassin - accidentally time travels to the present.

Madness Heart Radio 8-2-19


Listen to my interview on Madness Heart Radio podcast with John Baltisberger dated 8-2-19. #radio

A Book and a Chat 7-9-19


Listen to my interview with Barry Eva on A Book and a Chat radio show dated 7-9-19. #radio

Panic Room Radio 5-2-19


Listen to my interview with James H Longmore and Xtina Marie on Panic Room Radio dated 5-2-19. #radio

Panic Room Radio 7-27-17


Some of the Best Horror Films Ever Made 2-11-17


Listen to my interview with Michael Stokes on Underground Interviews dated 2-11-17. #radio

Paranormal Underground 4-21-16


Listen to my interview with Karen Frazier and Chuck Gotski on Paranormal Underground dated 4-21-16.  #radio

The Good Die Young on The Mysterious Traveler


A daughter wants to be rid of her stepmother raises the stakes and makes a bad decision. 

Dracula on Mercury Theater on the Air


Starring Orson Welles of ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘War of the Worlds’ fame. Jonathan Harker is imprisoned in Dracula’s castle.

Ghost Hunt on Suspense


Features the found recording of a radio announcer from a paranormal investigation.

The Thing on the Fourble Board on Quiet, Please


Porky works on an oil derrick and his friend joins him as something comes up from beneath the earth. 

Three Skeleton Key on Escape


Starring Vincent Price of ‘House of Wax’ and ‘The Fly’. Three men in an island lighthouse are besieged by an army of rats.

A Book and a Chat 6-14-15


A BOOK AND A CHAT RADIO SHOW  - Listen to my interview with Barry Eva on A Book and a Chat dated 6-14-15. #radio

Common Sense Paranormal 4-30-15


COMMON SENSE PARANORMAL RADIO SHOW - Listen to a live radio interview that aired April 30th, on Rick Hale’s program Common Sense Paranormal, talking with author Chad Schimke about the release of Secrets via Seventh Window Publications. 

No Boundaries Radio Show 4-1-15


Listen to my interview with Jo Jo Crockett and William Maltese on No Boundaries dated 4-1-15. #radio

G Zone Radio on 11-1-12


No Boundaries Radio Show on 8-22-12


Paranormal Underground Radio on 12-6-12


A Book and a Chat on 3-28-13



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